Stefano Bo

Lecturer @ Biological Physics & Soft Matter Group at King's College, London.

Contact: stefano.bo@kcl.ac.uk

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I am fascinated by randomness, how it impacts living systems, and the strategies to cope with it and exploit it. How do living systems deal with fluctuations without being overwhelmed by them? How do cells manage to employ their stochastic machinery to process noisy signals and nonetheless perform tasks reliably? How much does this cost them? How can we exploit fluctuations to design efficient microscopic engines?
These are a few of my favourite questions that drive my research at the interface between statistical physics and biology. In investigating them, I make use of tools from stochastic processes, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, stochastic optimal control, information theory, and machine learning. These tools often steal the stage and developing them becomes the focus itself.

Here you can find a video summarising our recent results on the stochastic motion of single molecules in biomolecular condensates.

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  • There are currently no open positions. Candidates interested in applying for postdoctoral fellowships are welcome to email me to explore funding opportunities.

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